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 Madden 18 CFM - Launch Itinerary*

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Setfree xX
Setfree xX

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PostSubject: Madden 18 CFM - Launch Itinerary*   Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:34 am

Guys, it's finally here!! The start of the first MCL season for Madden 18, I want to start off by wishing all you the best of luck, and also a thank you from me & my fellow admins for choosing the MCL. We hope to provide the best Madden CFM experience out there, from management, to competitive game-play, to user interaction & immersion.

Tonight we'll begin a 24 hour advance Pre-season that will allow us to mass test any slider changes, with an opportunity to review before we begin the regular season - CFM doors open @ 7pm est (I will post the CFM Name & Password in the chat tonight before we begin)

Monday Wk 1, Tuesday Wk 2, Wednesday Wk 3, Thursday Wk 4: We will advance each day after tonight at 10am est.

Injuries will be off**

In the MCL we use abbreviated ''in-season XP'' however for the pre-season we set it to 200% to better mirror the time when players make the most improvement to their abilities (In season % TBD)

We'll open up the regular season on Friday @ 10am est, and will resume our standard advance schedule with Sunday's 10am Advance on the 17th of September to launch our normal advance pace of -- Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun

**Free Agency will be a free for all once we open things up, this is a fun time for guys to make some additions as we play through the pre-season -- We decided against a free agency draft since we will just be cutting a bunch of players Pre-Season Week 4.

**The regular season will initiate the waiver system.

MCL - Carolina Panthers

MCL 10-SBC II  king

MCL 11-SBC II, III (PS), and V  king

MCL 12-SBC II  king

MCL 13-SBC I, II (PS), III, IV, and V  king

MCL 14-SBC VI  king

MCL 15-SBC IV  king

MCL 16-SBC IV, I, II (PS), III (PS)  king

MCL 17-SBC I (PS), II, III, IV (PS), V  king

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Madden 18 CFM - Launch Itinerary*
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